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Cancer fundraiser for the children of Todd Houston

In June of 2018, Todd Houston went to the hospital with severe back pain, only to find out that his body was riddled with several types of cancer. 15 painful days later Todd lost his battle with Cancer and passed away at 44 years of age, leaving his 3 small children behind.

  Todd Houston was and incredible father and human being , who loved his children more than anything in the world. He was more concerned about what was going to happen to his children than he was about what was happening to him in his last hours. He was a successful Canadian Border Services Agent, who loved his country like a true Patriot.... he was often referred to as a “Bouncer for Canada”. The world is a lesser place without him in it.

 The family at Anti-Up Apparel was completely devastated with the loss of Todd and have now decided to honour him in the best way we can.

    Until further notice, we will be donating half of ALL proceeds from our cancer line to a special bank account set up by Todd’s family, for his children.

    Thank you for your interest and purchase and please know, that while saying a big F*ck You to Cancer, you are also sending money to a very,very worthy cause